Read Google Pixel and Nexus as well as AI First

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) by writer Yu Di, Vice President of China’s cultural industry investment fund.

Inadvertently sees Google friend to share intelligence, and from there, talk about the things Google related.

Read: Google Pixel, and Nexus, as well as AI First

“Really Blue” (true blue)

Reflects the appearance of Google technology, too little hardware products technology around gene and the cynical geek style (ridiculed rival iPhone generations of color design and marketing too Orthodox taolu); Google employees on October 7 to get volume production purchase Pixel XL, reflecting the new phone is now stocked in 6 countries.

Read: Google Pixel, and Nexus, as well as AI First

2. Pixel cooperation operator is United States top two operators Verizon and cooperation rather than the Nexus series before after higher-ranked T-mobile.

Google for Pixel can be seen more attention, also Google has recognized the 6-year life cycle of the Nexus product line sales downturn bound is one of the main reasons why carriers competitive relatively weak (contract of purchase operator in North America is the main channel for mobile phone sales).

Read: Google Pixel, and Nexus, as well as AI First

3. the mobile Google’s own brand “g”, rather than the Nexus series logo policy before (Nexus of each model are exposed joint ODM vendors to brand).

While can see Google for intelligent phone of industrial design began itself led, and production manufacturers of cooperation mode has by zhiqian of ODM to OEM (Pixel by HTC for OEM generation workers), on the can see Google build independent brand phone of beginning and determination, and willing to for bear brand cognitive risk (Google phone user also main limited in very guest, and development groups, and Google fans groups). Disney iPad Mini Case

Well, have a bit of fun, warm up, the following talking points.

| Information relating to the Nexus interpretation

Introduction Nexus phones are compromise

Google in the past ten years, adhering to the strategy of Mobile First and tried to buy MOTO to produce own-brand mobile phones, but is subject to several factors which led to integration had not been successful, eventually had to retain some MOTO after MOTO patent sold to Lenovo. One of factors including genes are different: Google is the Internet, MOTO-brand manufacturing; and Google’s own-brand mobile phone broke the Samsung Android camps such as the interests of the other partners, and so on.

Zhihou, 2010 began, Google through and ODM Manufacturers (HTC, and LG, and Samsung,) launched joint brand of strategy for phone development, and design, and production and sales, Nexus new model launched of frequency Basic is annual 1 to 2 Biggie (each Biggie including several different configuration model of small paragraph), Google for Nexus of expects is for other Android phone manufacturers provides a most frontier of hardware and software model standard, So as to help promote the Android Smartphone of the camp layout.

Global sales of Nexus

While Google does not disclose the specific handset shipments, but from the Google internal staff, external media or advisory bodies to the information gathering here, each Nexus mobile phone shipments are less than 5 million, some models such as Nexus 10 overall shipments of less than 1 million;

Why Nexus low sales?

(1) Google the location of Nexus are demonstration models, does not expect Nexus to be consumer-oriented selling cell phones and Google in revenue (for example, in fiscal year 2015), hardware revenue less than 1%;

disney ipad

(2) subsection (1), the Google Nexus resources are more limited, including the selection of operators (more cooperation is ranked before T-Mobile, restricted channels), ODM Manufacturers willingness to promote the Nexus of weak, Google team on supply chain management and capacity are relatively short, and so on;

(3) Google services framework is limited in China, leading native Android system in China popular, Nexus software as standard and the service cannot be used in mainland China (except via VPN over the wall), leading to further cut in the size of the audience;

(4) the public Google smartphones lack of brand recognition, even in North America, consumer hardware products, especially for Google Smartphone, awareness and acceptance are extremely limited.

 Nexus have a negative impact on Google

(1) brand series of chaos: the frequent replacement of the joint ODM brands, product lines naming frequent adjustment;

(2) unable to get specific classes of mobile user information and missed part of the mobile Internet data entry: user using brand manufacturers such as HTC’s own application market, third-party photo backup, cloud services;

(3) impede the layout and development of Intelligent Home: smart home brand products a few Nest of Google acquisitions, IOT ecology has not been established;

(4) the hardware product line gap: Google has a laptop before Chromebook Pixel, Tablet PC hardware products such as Pixel c, the missing Pixel own-brand Smartphone (AR-enabled phones to work with Lenovo Phab 2 Pro-Project Tango bounced to the end of the year sale, module cell phone Project Ara no below);

(5) restricted AI strategy development: as the entrance, scenes, such as the lack of access to information, resulting in data integrity be affected further influenced AI research and development, such as machine learning model, and so on.

Read: Google Pixel, and Nexus, as well as AI First

| AI strategy and the First Pixel on the Google Smartphone

 Google in the field of AI development

(1) development of AI of several major elements: big data, algorithms, computational capacity/resources;

(2) for Google, and Google’s team of top engineers and scientists based on the algorithm model of development and continuous optimization is a strong protection; servers, Super-ICC and other hardware resources will not be a problem for Google then this link leaves the data, namely AI Giants all over the world face the core issue;

(3) data: get orders of magnitude more data (get tag after processing), more data dimensions, data, the broad range, after training for input into the model, model output will be the more accurate intelligence.

So, Google is currently developing several strategies of AI is relatively easy to read, that is–to expand intelligent terminals (including hardware and software), open Google Assistant platform/ecosystem (Google Assistant is one of the Google AI interactive interfaces to be rendered), competition for competitors to obtain data and information portal.

Google hardware product development ideas

(1) official with the hardware product

Although hardware made in the area of achievement or showing determination not recognized by Google several initiatives this year, you can see it was decided to formally with the hardware product.

For example, Google appointed former President of MOTO as Google hardware product General Manager (make up for the lack of Google’s hardware, supply chain management, such as genes or ability), recently has invested at least $ 3 million Pixel mobile phone marketing and advertising (in the same period more than Apple and Samsung) and follow-up will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising (according to Reuters forecasts), Chromecast products such as hardware upgrades and published (often abortive hardware product development before the change), and so on.

(2) hardware products in order to develop AI

Apple in 2015 of 4th quarter earnings, only 68% per cent of iPhone revenue, if you count the other hardware products, you can see Apple’s main source of income is the hardware;

Google hardware products are not expected to contribute much revenue for hardware positioning, Google hopes to continue to create demonstrations and official standards on the one hand, such as the release of Daydream View mobile phone boxes, is to unify the jagged mess on the Android platform product standards;

On the, more important of, is above 1th by mentioned, Google hope through hardware products to gets more dimension degrees, and more large level, and more continued of time cycle within of Internet (containing mobile Internet), and real networking (this is Google this launched Google Home intelligent speaker of reasons one of) of big data, in gets data of while, through Internet + real networking of equipment to user provides diversification, and platform/ecological type, and continued optimization of AI service, To further stimulate the user provides data entry, form a positive feedback, ensuring the rapid development of Google AI strategies, or else Google AI products and service level will stagnate in the early days of Sundar said.

(3) add that still just opinion, Google in addition to AI forward-looking and a leading position in the field, in terms of hardware products and services, just followers of roles played. disney ipad

For example, Google Home reference to the Amazon Echo, before the Chromecast/Google WiFi products such as domestic manufacturers already have the functionality of similar products, Pixel appearance/price iPhone7 remain consistent as far as possible, Pixel brand of unique feature has been implemented in other Android makers, and so on. However, this is because the hardware simply to implement paragraph (2) goals, not Google’s core competitiveness.

About Pixel cell phone

(1) the conflict of interest

Google brand phone again will result in that year to acquire MOTO Android camp that is thrown when the other manufacturers of conflict of interest, however, Google has made it very clear, Mobile strategy has shifted to the AI of the First First, meaning Google complaints about the Android Titans no longer care so much because the next Google Assistant eco-building maintenance of the weight will be larger than the Android ecosystem.

(2) the Pixel’s contribution to AI

As mentioned above, here a few examples–Pixel provides more camera functions, as well as the Google Photo unlimited cloud based backup, additional system user photos feedback (for example MIUI baby photo album features manual adjustment function, essence, the data labels for the picture calibration), provides data for the Google of image recognition model input.

Google Image Assistant provides OCR recognition based interactions or voice interaction, data entry for Google’s speech recognition model users in mobile phone operating system will feedback to Google accumulate large data segments, and Google Account after the match, as user data part of the supplementary, and more precisely within the Google Home Internet environment, such as the AI service.

(3) promote resistance

Is the above mentioned former President of MOTO at the helm, still continues to invest in huge advertising costs, cannot quickly compensate for the Pixel in the near future a couple of obvious weaknesses:

 Google phone brand recognition outside developers, geeks/fans/audience development;

Barriers to market entry;

The iPhone7, high-end prices (lower the Pixel value in the Android camp);

Relative to other marketing channels are limited;

In addition to the built-in Google Assistant, support from Daydream VR, Pixel failure to highlight bright spots;

Out of joint brand, supply chain security (marketing, after-sales service), and so on; it is based on these potential obstacles, cannot currently give accurate predictions about Pixel sales.

In short, Google’s strategy and plan the path is quite clear, in all kinds of scenarios of the future Gets a loyal user, advertising revenue is ripe. But this leads to another topic, namely “how Google works on original advertising strategy”, after there is time to talk about.

While sharing so much humble opinion, welcomes the heroes who disregard this communication.

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