Hard to prevent With WiFi signal records will be able to capture keystrokes

Hard to prevent! With WiFi signal records will be able to capture keystrokes to steal passwords

There is a secret security measures called “keystroke loggers”, by recording the keystrokes used to form the password protection of the operator. This is an upgrade in safety protection measure, this biometric has now greatly compromised.

According to foreign media reports, from the United States State of Michigan State University researchers at the University of Nanjing, China, and such method is found, through a common router using a Wi-Fi signal detection to attack key records.

Researchers point out that, in an environment of minimal interference, the attacker can interrupt router WiFi signals to detect users on your keyboard hit record, and then use these data to steal his passwords, accuracy of 77% and 97.5%. Besides keystroke recording in addition to Wi-Fi signals can also be used to read the user’s hand gestures, lip movements.

Operations, in order to collect WiFi signals of small changes, WiKey laboratory researchers using a MIMO Router (multiple-input-multiple-output) functions to carry out the attack operation. Collect WiFi signals and scan the room, with the help of information, researchers can create a map of the indoor environment. X-DORIA iWatch Case

When a person is standing in front of the notebook and is ready to enter, WiKey can grab by the users hands, fingers and the keyboard WiFi signal interference caused by small changes in the data. Researchers explained that: “each of the keystrokes, users and moves the hands and fingers in a unique way, so get in the channel state information (CSI) time series of values to form a unique pattern, we call it CSI waveform of this link. ”

Research team says, get after the keystroke logging data, they developed an algorithm that converts the user’s keystrokes can be recorded to enter text records. Researchers revealed that 77% to 97.5% accuracy can allow an attacker to know the user’s password three-fourths.

However, this method is prone to bug, when a room when there is more than 1 laptop, it is unable to determine the target. X-DORIA iWatch cover

X-DORIA iWatch cover


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