Micro OS do set off the second revolution of HTML 5

Recently, the app is being tested, the news spread like wildfire, silence, micro application letter for a long time again a cause for concern. Industry analysis on the official test application, mainly from the series appeared in the letter new H5 promotion page to @ Dragon old thief has issued a document that H5 page changes.

Existing ordinary H5 pages, pictures from the ZTalk@ Dragon old thief


Recent new H5 page, and picture transfer from ZTalk@ Green Dragon old thief

As you can see in the figure, slightly new H5 page letter head has been completely concealed, visually very similar to native App splash page. Meanwhile, new H5 switching experience and click the app is similar to switch very smooth.

In fact, the H5 is always trying to remove “can only do marketing” hats. In April this year, micro browser upgrade to kernel X5 Blink then, app support H5 standard, comparable to H5 in the app has been able to build a native experience. In addition, some severe H5 gaming experience and performance is almost the same with original green tour.

Micro application since it was exposed, since always linked with H5. Queiroz believes that emerging applications, will turn the app into a “operating system”, a Web application in “micro OS” to run on, and take the most important step in the commercialization of micro. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 cases

In application form will be used in micro, micro OS most likely to detonate “H5 second revolution” (beginning in 2012 H5 uprising in 2013, failed for the first time), which has formed a subversive impact on mobile Internet ecosystem.

| Flow + communication of the Kingdom of gene H5 ‘s second revolution will change the way mobile applications promotion

Under the very worst mobile Internet ecosystem in the present competition, promotion and talk is the eternal pain, regular promotion, under the high cost and conversion rate, resulting in a large number of mobile applications at risk being stopped to paint the top.

If H5 application included in the micro-OS, thanks to the micro-social property, early admission mobile application vendors will receive the promotion channels and media resources. “A key concern” to convert the user, product content can also be in your circle of friends open socialization, this picture is so beautiful. You know, the app has more than 650 million monthly active users, is a natural flow of kingdoms.

Meanwhile, H5 technologies themselves have a good spread of genes, is well suited to marketing and promotion, this is a native application that cannot be matched by any account “genetic advantage.” If micro-flow advantages and H5 to combine the advantages of, and its scale effect will completely reverse the existing promotion system.

| Talking about experience, the second revolution H5 got up from where there was a fall

It is well known that native apps and H5 application development model is not the same. H5 applications development advocate quick wins, light, low cost, short cycle. Meanwhile, H5 criticism focused on the bad page UI and flow, can only do marketing pages and games, all, compared with native applications, experience too badly.

Back then, H5 from the rush to become synonymous with marketing and game, the Middle has experienced incredibly rapid expansion. The whole process is like a computer suddenly appear in ordinary people’s lives, you would think that this stuff is really good! Both draw and playback audio, can play the game. But most are easy to play audio, so that everyone is rushing to use the computer to go to the movies, not long before computers became synonymous with video media player, they say that, the computer just like that, watching movies or going to the cinema!

We described above in the “computer” for H5, one problem, H5 ‘s potential has not been fully exploited, and industry at an early stage to the most likely to do, and most easily liquidate marketing pages and games.

Back to H5 experience problems. Indeed, early mild H5 feature brings user experience cannot be compared with the native apps. But now the H5 technologies are evolving, the ability to meet user experience has been quite different, especially part of the H5 technology providers have developed to meet the needs more depth of H5 development platform and higher performance engines (including 3D serious game development), only from experience, H5 can be comparable with the original application.

We should be grateful for in an environment of bad-mouthing people who adhere to the H5, they support didn’t let myself die, foreshadowing the H5 the cornerstone of the second revolution, also just H5 got up from the location of the fall.

At this point, we try to rehash the H5 edge, close to the people’s development costs and cycles, better cross-platform capabilities, based on cloud technology, does not account for memory storage and instant updates, and so on.

| Eat a pot of rice, H5 second revolution will break the application of enterprise application information

Specialized enterprise applications to carry out here, because from the global development trend of mobile Internet, mobile Internet next To b, in the field of business services.

The past two years, Enterprise Services subjected to wild growth, the verticals are a representative set of mobile applications, but caused by fragmented information isolated island problems are quickly highlighted. B differs from the c-terminal end users, enterprises, from production to management to sales, integration of information flow is required. How to open up the information flow between the various enterprise applications? It is almost all enterprise services vendors have been discussing the issue at this stage.

“Open” is the birthright of H5 label, it helps to make all kinds of industrial applications connect through other ecological, shared user data and information flow within the ecosystem as a whole.

Meanwhile, all kinds of enterprise applications is applied by collecting, like used to scatter scattered gathered into a large room, eating with a large pot, and comply with the provisions of the same administrator, will significantly reduce the differences between each other, and to establish the absolute Foundation of fluent communication.

So, when compared with the native App in open information flow problems, based on micro-OS H5 application will solve a large part of “islands of information” problem. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 cases

| Complexity into simplicity, H5 ‘s second revolution will be reconstruction model of mobile application development

For now, except by the ReactNative development package of applications, most native App needs both Android and iOS are two different development environments, two independent development, time-consuming, start price hundreds of thousands of, and compatibility is uneven.

Under the new H5 development environment, H5 technologies even allows businesses and individuals just through a simple drag and drop operation, without writing code, will be able to produce similar to today’s headlines, Mito this amazing mobile applications (not marketing pages and little games), and can be used across platforms. By contrast, if the enterprise to develop native applications for the same function, whether proprietary or is outsourcing its development costs hundreds of thousands of, and development cycles range from February-March to half a year. Meanwhile, H5 growing trend of templates allows users of the various industry segments, both for UI or the future will be templates that correspond to basic services can be found. Such templates can be seamlessly enters the application number, even for free. Such changes, said the app OS+H5 bring about a revolution in the mobile Internet market as a whole, is no exaggeration.

Although micro-application number has not yet been formally unveiled, but can be sure of is that “micro-OS” will give maximum value of H5 release or commercialization of micro is the most difficult piece of the puzzle, this with Tencent “connected” position in one continuous line.

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