The problem what is the robots we come to hear entrepreneurs say

The problem what is the robots, we come to hear entrepreneurs say

“Robot (Robot) is a machine that automates work device. It can accept the human command and arranged in advance program is run, it can also be based on the principle of artificial intelligence techniques to develop the programme of action. Its task is to assist or replace human work works, such as manufacturing, construction, or dangerous work. ”

Above is the definition from Wikipedia for robots. Believe you are still confused, can help people work is a robot do?

If you want to trace back history of robots, it was even before is as early as 1400 BC, the Babylonians invented the water clock, which is a flow metering time timer, it is considered to be one of the earliest mechanical devices. Later there have been Knights of Leonardo da Vinci, Vaucanson’s duck, and Kempelen Turkey robots and other automated equipment, initially they are known as automata (automatons) or to control machines (self-operating machines) until 1921, when Czech playwright Karel • Capek’s Russell Sam universal robot makes “robots (robot)” popularity of the term.

Now on the market a wide range of robots, industrial, and service; some people also inhuman; physical or virtual. Because has not been framed robots might be an image, it can be said that 1000 people 1000 robots in the eyes of the image, so what are robots this seemingly simple question has become extremely complicated. To this end, Lei Feng network robot-related entrepreneurs have been invited to talk about the issue.

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention): what is a robot? OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Read technology CEO Zhao Jinglei: abroad there is a term called robotics, it is the concept of the robot, based on this concept, I think it can be defined as some kind of human perception and cognition of the machine. It may be in various forms, is not necessarily human.

Cloud motion technology CEO Tao: about the robot, States and focus are not the same. Intelligent machines and human distinction, extend human capabilities and people not terminated. Now, robots and artificial intelligence is still a new discipline, we can do at the moment is: for a robot to help relieve us from simple, repetitive tasks to deal with anything more needs imagination, creativity.

SI-Chi CEO Gao shixing: definition of a robot very much, if simple understanding is the machine people, giving machines the ability to empower people, called robots. Of course, there are many kinds of human capacity, as now many of these intelligent hardware coupled with perceptions of module module, also known as robots, further combined with cognitive abilities, further in the future and emotional capacity, coupled with the logical thinking reasoning ability in the future. So, plus gives the machine the human capacity of the machine, called robots.

CEO Misa Rokid robot: defining the core of the robot is autonomous machines or assist in the completion of related tasks, so you don’t have to care too much about form.

Pay attention to two points: 1, whether a certain degree completed independently of the outside world’s perception or understanding whether 2, according to the perception on the outside world to understand feedback. This can make it, that is.

SI-LAN technology CEO Chen Shikai: my answer is to actively interact with the environment, such as walk and independent communication, or is the computer and tablet.

CEO Zhang Meng of the Cambrian: the capacity for decision-making behavior mode and with a certain amount of human thinking machines. (Why is a quantitative? ) If 100% human property that should be called a robot. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Speed technology CEO Chen Zhen: robot, from the industry’s perspective, I think the most broad definition of a robot can replace a person engaged in the work of the machine. We are now deriving from both industrial robots, service robots, educational robot, one of the biggest features is the ability to produce life, help or replace human labor, related functions.

Lei feng’s network: robot program?

Cloud motion technology CEO Tao: hardware body mind core: algorithms, models, and data. Each stage will be different. Before in the absence of large amounts of data, algorithm is important. With the increase of data, will continue to train the model. Robots will become more and more clever.

CEO Misa Rokid robot: program is part of it, including hardware, sensors, identification, understanding and feedback, any intelligent and programs, but it certainly is not the only program.

Read surface technology CEO Zhao Jinglei: robot will became human life in the next platform level of intelligent Terminal, from intelligent terminal for, it contains two chunks, a is intelligent, intelligent can through program to description, and we by said of program more of is refers to artificial intelligence algorithm, including voice, and semantic of understanding and Visual of calculation and understanding, these imitation human cognitive of calculation composition has robot of core, is program this block. In addition, as a Terminal, it will have a wide variety of hardware carrier, overall, it has to have the skills, but it could also have no hardware support, may be run on a PC, such as science fiction movies of the robots in Her “Samantha”.

Lei feng’s network: robot must be someone’s property?

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

CEO Misa Rokid robot: it does not have, such as humans are unable to perceive infrared light. Closer to human perception, of course, easier to understand. Robot I actually advocated not effects too are property of its own, emphasis on feedback interactions of human good.

Speed technology CEO Chen Zhen: telling robots I think should start from the function, he can replace people doing things, rather than in accordance with the principles of people, to define its shape, Visual, tactile. Because such as vision, machine vision and human vision has the same place, but the principle difference God.

Lei feng’s network: that best represent your idea of robot images

CEO Misa:viki Rokid robot (based on the United States’s most famous science fiction and popular science writer Isaac Asimov’s short fiction of the I, robot (I,Robot) super computer in the film adaptation of the same name)

The problem what is the robots, we come to hear entrepreneurs say

Speed technology CEO Chen Zhen: I feel most is inside the movie AI robot kid David.

The problem what is the robots, we come to hear entrepreneurs say

Editorial: can see you for defines the key is automation and robot localization, current robots have been automated, but independence is still in the exploratory stage, once independent, VIKI and David have a chance to get out of screen in our lives, all this and how far from reality.

August 12 to 13th, by the China computer Federation (CCF), Lei feng’s undertaking of the whole network CCF-GAIR global artificial intelligence and robot Summit formally convened its meeting in Shenzhen. The theme of this Summit was “found the future connected innovation” focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, automatic driving in four main areas, under trend of the intelligent community, aims to explore the cutting edge of smart technology and its commercial applications, promote the exchange of the depth of the research. The Summit invitation to the world’s top academic experts, Star team and venture capitalists, including 8 academicians, 25 leading edge innovative enterprises, 100 leaders of technological innovation, and 1200 industry elite. At the Summit, there will be more discussion about the robot, so stay tuned!


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